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Valentine's Day Boxes

A creative way to show a special person how adored they are. Surprise your loved ones with this three dimensional hollow Chocolate Edible Heart containing chocolates and gifts. A ribbon decorated Small Hammer is included to break the Chocolate Heart to reveal the goodies inside! All are presented in an Artisan Gift Wrapped gift box with plenty of festive filler, a Valentine's Day Card filled with words from the greatest love scholars, and finished with a hand tied ribbon. A truly unique and decadent gift. 

* Included in this Valentine's Day Box TM | $125

- 1 pair of Madame Nadine Earrings

- 1 Small Ribbon Decorated Hammer

- 1 Small CORKCICLE Item from TNT

- 1 Express Valentine's Day Glam Session with Leslie

- 1 Small Skincare Item from Essentials By Nature products

- 1 Box of specially curated chocolates from Gouda & Brie Charcuterie

- 1 Scrunchie from Topknot 

- 1 CBD Bathbombs from Blissedout Bathbombs
You can customize your heart to either Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate.






Breakable HeartsTM

Breakable 3D Heart by itself with Small Hammer | $55

(The items you would like inside must be purchased by you & can be given to me prior.)


From my love filled heart to yours - Leslie xo

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