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Sheree Langille

My kids and I have had the pleasure of having Miss Sheree in our lives since 2013/2014 thanks to the Kids Time Out Preschool. Her, Linn, and Karen have been such remarkable teachers  for all three of our kiddos. They made them feeI so welcome, safe and loved! I will forever remember their kindness and the love they shared with helping them on their transition from little Toddlers to big Kindergarteners. As for Sheree, I am so beyond thankful for her friendship, kindness and devotion to my family and I. You certainly don't come by friends like her, very often. She's one of a kind with a heart of GOLD.  Here is her remarkable journey, that she decided to share with anyone else currently on the mend.

"I was Born with a congenital heart defect. I had open heart surgery in 1993 (to fix a hole in my heart as well as three other things (was tiring blue)). Second open heart surgery was in 2014, to put an artificial valve in my pulmonary artery. I was born without one and noticed I was getting super tired very easily as the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood kept mixing without the valve . More healing and more downtime.
In November 2008 I was in a roll over car accident where I had to be extricated from the car by the jaws of life and was flown to Edmonton (weren’t sure if I’d be alive when I arrived). I was in a coma for 13 days and when I woke I didn’t remember anything. Had to re- learn and remember everything with time. Including who family friends and people were, how to eat as well as other basic things. To this day I still don’t remember the accident and honestly hope I never do. I had many fractures including my head that fractured so badly my face was basically separated from my skull. My left eye popped out of the eye socket as well as other painful injuries. I spent months at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Centre healing in the most uncertain times of my life." (Edit from Leslie: Here some of us thought it was going to be tough to stay indoors during this COVID-19 pandemic. This girl has given us a whole new meaning of tough.)

What are some things that helped you overcome these?

Family friends support and my own determination, are the only reasons why I am who I am through these hard times.

Did you feel like you had the best support system?

Most definitely! Without them I could not have done it. My parents were at the hospital with me everyday. So much support prayers and best wishes in my recovery. I feel like mine and my family's Faith in the power of prayer, definitely helped us to get through those difficult times as well . I had people praying for me like crazy and without God I don’t think I’d have made it through any/all of those extremely uncertain times. I also wouldn’t have been able to graduate high school on time with my class, and go to college without my family's support. I was able to complete my two year program and received my Early Learning and Childcare diploma

What's a piece of advice you'd pass down to your future self?
 I made it through hell and high water before- I can do it again!

What message would you give to those who may feel like giving up?
Keep strong. You are tougher than you may even realize now!



If you would like more information regarding the Kids Time Out Playprogram - Contact them at (780) 639-2925

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