Each candle will come equipped with Burning Instructions & Intention Cards.

Wellness and Healing Candles - Candles are scented with a relaxing blend of freshly picked lavender flowers and crisp lemon, geranium, and Orange. It is infused with lavender buds, forget-me-not, and moon charged Quartz or Amethyst crystals. 

Lavender works as an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) and as a sedative, to increase relaxation and calm, and help bring about sleep. Lavender interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness

Geranium Essential Oil reduces feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and tension, enhances concentration, improves cognitive function, and balances the emotions as well as the hormones.

Amethyst balances the emotions so that we experience fewer lows and fewer highs. With a more neutral set of emotions, we experience stress differently, and it doesn’t affect us as much. Natural amethyst also helps us let go of anger, rage, grief, fear, and sadness. When we are in the presence of the soothing energy of natural amethyst, we find that feelings of irritability and mood swings drift away. It helps us naturally feel more patient. Since stress is often the result of impatience and frustration, our stress subsides as our patience improves. 


Quartz helps to magnify energetic vibrations. Quartz Points are wonderful crystals to use with any type of meditation or healing energy work such as Reiki, sound healing, dream work, aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, and more. Clear quartz has the capacity to absorb, store, release and regulate energy. It resonates with all of the chakras as well as each Zodiac sign. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality, awareness, and wisdom. It increases inspiration and creativity. It can also help with concentration, studying, and retaining what one learns. Quartz is a stone of harmony and is helpful in romantic relationships.

Crystal Info:
- Each crystal is hand selected for quality and authenticity.
- Crystals are cleansed with sage and sea salt before being packed and shipped. 
- Crystals are natural items and may vary slightly in color, shape, or size.

If you would like to keep or reuse your Candle Tin / Jar: 
- When 1/4 wax is remaining in your tin or jar, extinguish your candle and dispose of the wax. 
- Your Candle is 100% vegan soy wax and your jar can be washed in hot water with dawn dish detergent to remove any excess wax.

Candle Ritual (please feel free to use your own ritual or use this one as a guide):
- Remove candle from packaging and follow Candle Burning Instructions before placing in a peaceful, quiet area.
- Before lighting the candle, inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale slowly for 8 seconds (repeat if you desire).
- Visualize your intention or prayer for this candle. Once your intentions are set, light your candle.
- Allow the candle to burn and enjoy the soothing aromatherapy and herbal qualities. 
- When you are finished burning your candle, visualize your intentions once more, then extinguish your candle flame. Thank your candle for working its magic.


* Natural Soy Wax
* Vegan Friendly
* No secret additives 
* Plastic Free
* Handmade and hand poured
* Reusable Protective Tin or Jar
* Wood and/or cotton wick 

Wellness and Healing Soy Candles

  • • DO NOT burn candle unattended.
    • Keep away from flammable objects or anything that can catch fire.
    • Keep away from children and pets.
    • Trim wick to ¼ inch before lighting.
    • Burn candle on a level, fire resistant surface away from drafts and/or fans.
    • Candle container will get hot. Do not touch candle container until candle wax has cooled.
    • DO NOT burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
    • DO NOT burn candle all the way to the bottom. Stop use when 1/4 inch of wax remains.
    • For smudge candles or candles with dried flowers/herbs: If flame burns too high or too close to container, extinguish immediately (DO NOT extinguish candle with water).

  • The first time you light the candle, allow it to burn until the liquid wax covers the entire top of the candle. This breaking-in process ensures that it will perform better and more evenly throughout the life of the candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch. If you notice a large flame during burning, blow out the candle & trim the wick before re-lighting. Place burning candle on heat resistant surface. Never move a candle while hot or burning. Blow out the candle if jar becomes excessively hot. Keep out of drafts. Keep out of reach of children. To prevent candles from boring a hole down the middle, burn candles at a minimum of at least one hour for each inch in diameter. For example burn a 3 inch diameter candle for a minimum of at least 3 hours each time. Burn long enough to achieve a melt pool that can be seen all the way around the glass.