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Mandy Howatt

Imagine working 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 365 days.

Now imagine, no vacation time, no paid leave, no medical benefits, no sick days or promotions.

Catering to others' needs all while sacrificing our personal space, hot coffee, and sanity!


Welcome to motherhood. To me motherhood is definitely one of the hardest jobs, if not the hardest! It is also the most rewarding and loving journey to witness nature's most beautiful creations come to life. From the moment they open their eyes, to the day they leave the nest - It is a beautiful experience like none other. At times it can be easy to forget these precious moment - especially in the slight chaos of extra curricular activities, school projects, playdates, puberty and the list goes on and on - which brings me to how I met the beautiful Mandy, many years ago. Our paths have crossed a number of times at preschool functions we've volunteered for and at similar activities our kids were a part of. She has always struck me as a funny, easy going, and loyal friend, that takes the time to make others feel super comfortable and welcome around her. Anytime that we have visited, I have felt like it's a no judgement zone. When I was new to the area, Mandy definitely made a big impact in my life, during a time that I had little friends and support. I always felt that if I was ever at my lowest point and in need of someone to talk to, I could definitely go to her. I appreciate her never ending support and admire the passion she has for always being there for her friends. "I come from a single Mother who struggled my whole life and now I struggle at times with trying to raise three beautiful babies! As a mom I've also coped with anxiety and depression as well but I've learned that life goes on. You get dressed and take life day by day". Here is some advice that she so graciously shared (that's a tongue twister of a sentence!), in hopes to remind everyone that Mamas need to take care of themselves too! ( and boy do we love her for it).

What is some advice you have for all the hard working Mamas out there?

"You have to force yourself to do things for yourself. Like book a nail appointment or pamper yourself at the hair salon. Or it doesn't even have to be that expensive, like go for a walk - just yourself.  It's so important to take care of YOU, in order to be your best self for your kids. Also, don't revolve your world around the kids. It's so important to have your own hobbies and aspirations. Live for yourself and make time for your husband or wife!! That's my biggest advice. Take the time to get to know the person you love and date them. Date your spouse!!

 At the end of the day, my biggest philosophy is that no one else matters but my husband and my three kids."

What is a piece of advice you would give to your kids? 

"Love yourself because honest to god no one else is going to do it for you.

With that, be resilient to the bullying. People are so anti-bullying, which is great, but we also need to understand that bullying isn't going to disappear right away. It's so important that we prepare our kids too. We as parents need to build our kids up to be resilient so that harsh words don't hurt them and if they hurt others, to make them accountable! Physical bullying, that's a different issue. If your kid is getting punched and beat up, call the police because that is so not OK.

Last but not least when you're in High School, understand that there is a life outside of school. Now when I look back, I can maybe name less than half the people I graduated with. " 

A great place to meet fellow mamas is:

The Parent Link Centre - located in the Cold Lake & District FCSS building

5220 54 Street | 780-594-4495 |

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