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Kalli & Brianna

As a woman and mother of two beautiful girls, I've always wondered what the current climate is for girls in junior high/high school. With social media and technology so readily available, rumours and bullying, now have an amplified ability to ruin a person(s) life, career, character, etc. With the state the world is in right now,  mixed with the negative banter I hear aimed at our future generation, I can't help but feel deeply for these kids. To hear some of their peers' concerns about whether or not this world will be inhabitable when they're are old enough to start their own families, is so heartbreaking. With the rise of prescription drug use, virus outbreaks, and volatile weather - looming over our heads - it can be easy to miss the small moments. Which brings me to how I met the beautiful and very sweet Kalli. I happened to be purchasing something for our youngest daughter and was pulled out of the - hockey mom rush trance - by being told that I was very kind and beautiful.  It spoke volumes to me about the person that she was. Not because she complimented me, but because she took a moment out of her day to make someone else feel special, whom otherwise looked like a hockey mom hot mess! Meeting Brianna followed soon after, and I instantly saw why these two ladies were friends. They are such sweet souls, that I had such a great time glamming up. Here is their story.      


What is one major trial that you or ladies like yourself face everyday?

There’s a lot of body shaming now. Like you have to have the perfect body, as in the perfect butt and a skinny waist to be considered “perfect”. We feel society today will never be happy with the way we are. It's almost a daily reminder that we aren't good enough. 


How do you ladies overcome these issues? 


We just try not to don’t think about it and try not to really care about what people say. We don't really talk to anyone because there isn't much that can be done.


What do you wish Cold Lake had for beauties like you two?


More clothing stores!! But honestly we for sure wish there was a lot more opportunities. Cold lake should be a place where we all should fit in, and it’s not like that at all. There should be things for every personality and interest. 


What advice would you give your older self, who might have similar issues to overcome later?


Don’t think about what people say it isn’t going matter in the future. Do you!

What does the #FACEIT campaign mean to you?

It's been so much fun having our hair and makeup done. It's so nice to talk about the things that we go through everyday. 

Need help now? You can reach a Kids Help Phone counsellor 24/7 at 1-800-668-6868. Prefer to text? Text CONNECT to 686868 

Need help now? You can reach a Kids Help Phone counsellor 24/7 at 1-800-668-6868. Prefer to text? Text CONNECT to 686868 

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