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THAT time has FINALLY come!  (YAY!!!)

364 hours of planning, capturing, editing, and writing.

A couple freak accidents, pneumonia

Long nights, early mornings

Some tears, plenty of laughs and never ending gratitude! 

Through it all I pushed myself in the best way, learned so much about myself and others, and met some wonderful ladies.

The #FACEIT Campaign seed was planted many many years ago. At the time it didn't have a name, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Throughout the years it slowly grew and blossomed through my different life experiences, until I felt confident enough to follow through. I am so happy I waited. This idea stemmed from the many hardships I had experienced in the past, that I found I had little to no support for. Not only that, but some of those around me were so focused on having the "Picture Perfect Life" that I felt alone in my struggles, with the constant fear of what others would think of me if I shared even a little bit of what I was going through.  Since becoming a mother, I also wanted to give my girls LOCAL ROLE MODELS to look up to. Role models with attainable lifestyles that were realistic and healthier than those portrayed on Social Media nowadays. I want to share the incredible talents in our own neighbourhood, while highlighting that our journeys aren't meant to be perfect. Growing up in a home where communication wasn't the best, it became vital to always speak my truth. After being pushed down and belittled for years in a terrible relationship, I decided I would never stay quiet again and always be an advocate for those that couldn't speak for themselves. This Campaign brings current day stories and trials  from every type of woman that lives right here in Cold Lake. You will see remarkable and difficult things they have had to face and how they #FACEIT everyday, with some help from local support groups and organizations.  The #FACEIT Campaign has blossomed to dissipate ignorance and encourage ACCEPTANCE.  All of these amazing ladies shared their stories, to maybe one day be a beacon for anyone in need. Most importantly to provide a sense of hope for those that may feel like today is their last day. 

Starting today, I will showcase one story at a time. Check in EVERYDAY for our newest addition. 


We all deserve it.

Yours forever and always,

Lester XO

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