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Makeup Artistry

Apprenticeship program 

We are looking for artistic candidates with excellent communication skills for our Apprenticeship Program. This 12 month program will allow you to gain on hand experience of Makeup Artistry. The right candidate(s) will receive their very own Makeup Kit to learn from and assist our Creator/Artist Leslie Mendez. Once the candidate(s) has successfully completed the program and passed the examination process, a beautiful career at LM Makeup Artistry will blossom. (YAY!)

What We Will Touch Up On:

  • Hand dexterity and knowledge of the use of skin care tools and products

  • Knowing how to analyze, clean, and work with different skin types; and

  • using different types of makeup and tools (e.g. foundation, eyeliner, blushes, lipstick, lip gloss, brushes, or sponges) to obtain the desired look.

  • Learn face shapes, contouring, colour correcting, eyebrows, false lash application, etc.

  • Communicating clearly in order to explain procedures, as well as receiving accurate and relevant information from customers regarding desired looks;

  • Listening carefully and understanding customers’ questions and complaints in order to resolve any issues promptly

  • Having strong attention to detail.

  • How to be self-motivated and willing to work independently, as well as part of a team.

Apprenticeship Program

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